Saturday, October 18, 2008

Edgarr is here!!!

This cute little guy arrived in our mail box today:
This was a gift for my 4 year old son...who has been exceptionally good lately.
I was so impressed by his behavior last week that I told him that he had earned a prize. We decided to search Etsy for something. He said that he wanted a monster....that looked scary, with scary teeth, but that was nice. While searching, we saw lots of maybes, but decided to still look around. Then...I saw Edgarr on Etsy's Plush Team blog...and knew that my son would love him. I showed him to my son, and he agreed. Edgarr was the one!
My son has been impatiently waiting...and was so excited to see the package in the mail today!
Edgarr is Charles' new best friend:)
Thanks to slcstudio for making my son's day!
P.s. the packaging was great too!

Here are some more nice scary monsters that we found on Etsy:
this cute guy is from the sweetestpea:
this monster from animateash looks so soft...and he likes to eat bugs:
happycloud has this tiny wrestling champion..."He's the title holder for the Thunderhead Kingdom weightlifting competition":
how could a monster who "enjoys walks in the park and granny smith apples" not be nice? Harold is from Ultrapunch:
and last, but certainly not least, "a jam-loving monster" from canoo:
Who knew monsters could be so cute?

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