Monday, October 13, 2008

cookie cutters...not just for cutting cookies!

I went to a friend's Pampered Chef party this weekend, and she had the cutest Halloween shaped tortilla chips that she made with the help of some cookie cutters. Recently, I have been using a cookie cutter to cut my kid's peanut butter sandwiches into different shapes. They love it! It got me thinking....what else can you do with a cookie cutter?
Check this out!:
Wow that's a lot of uses!
and look at this:
What a fun and creative way to make your broken and old crayons new again!
My Etsy cookie cutter finds:
cute boxed gift sets by ATCC
this one is Halloween themed~

want to design a cookie cutter?
FrostedGarden makes custom cookie cutters:

want a cookie cutter shaped like your dog?
look at this schnauzer one by DogTowne:

PressDough has multi-cutters..."They are strategically arranged to minimize surface area and maximize the number of cutouts."
*** update: Want a chance to win one of these clever multi-cookie cutters?...
Press Dough is holding a weekly giveaway as a promotion for the countdown to the holidays!
all you need to do is register here:
and your name will be entered in a weekly drawing!
I'm going over to register right now!
for more info on the giveaway:***
and I even found a cookie cutter game!:
Cookie Cutter: Twisted
Have fun with your cookie cutters!

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