Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Listings: Fish, Neck Tie, and Bow Pendants

I've been on a creating spree!  I have so many ideas and have been trying to make as many as I can before they disappear from my brain! I just finished up a few more new pendant designs.  They are already available in my Etsy shop. | fish pendant | neck tie pendant | bow pendant

Also, I make most of the jewelry in my shop after it has been ordered, so if you would like a name or message stamped on the back...just let me know!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remember These?

My oldest daughter recently bought one of those "tattoo" bracelets at Hot Topic.  When I saw it, I was thinking... wait... I used to wear a choker like that!  I can't believe they are back in style!  I was also thinking... I CAN MAKE THAT!  So, I looked for tutorials online and found a bunch.  Even though the one she bought felt like it was made with some type of fishing line, the tutorials I found all used Stretch Magic.  I couldn't find it in craft stores, they were all out of black everywhere I looked, so I ended up buying some from Jo-Ann Fabric online.  I used black and gold in 1mm, but they have all different thicknesses and colors.

Remember These? |   Remember These? |

I ended up liking this tutorial the best.  The only thing I did differently was, instead of cutting two strands of string, I cut one (6 times the length around my neck), folded it in half, and knotted a loop at the end.  This made it easier to tie it together when finished.  There are lots of ways to finish these off though...

Here's my youngest wearing a gold tattoo choker and a vampire teeth pendant (also made by me and soon to be added to my Etsy shop!!!).

Remember These? |

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Copper Clay and Free Shipping!


I have a couple new shop announcements.

#1.  I recently purchased some copper clay, so stay tuned!  The firing process seems much more complicated, but I'm excited to create some new designs using this clay!  Wish me luck! | copper clay

#2. I'm offering Free Shipping in my Etsy shop ( right now (domestic orders only)!!!  Use coupon code: FREESHIP at checkout.

Friday, February 13, 2015

More New Items and a SALE!!!

Hi again,

I added a few more items to my shop today!  A custom guitar pick and two really cool (ready-to-ship) rings are now available! | Music Speaks CUSTOM Hand Stamped Fine Silver Guitar Pick | Follow Your Arrow Fine Silver Ring | Stop and Smell the Roses Fine Silver Ring

And...If you make a purchase this weekend you can save 20% by using the coupon code: PRESIDENT2015 at check-out (expires 2/16/2015).

Visit to find all of my handmade jewelry and accessories.

Thank You and Happy President's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015