Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seed Beaded Sunflower Earring Tutorial

I recently realized that this tutorial
was lost when I closed my Ebay store,
so I am going to repost for everyone that is interested.

Sunflower Earring Tutorial:
You will need to be familiar with brick stitch.
11/0 and 8/0 seed beads (in colors of your choice)
8mm bead (2)
ear wires (2)
beading needle
beading threadSunflower: 11
1. String the 8mm bead.
It will be the center of the flower.
Sunflower: 1
2. You will want to thread around the bead
on both sides. This is where you will later
attach the seed beads using a brick stitch.
Sunflower: 2
3. I do it a few times to make a stronger
base to stitch the beads onto.
Sunflower: 3
4. Another picture showing what it should look like.
You should have this on both sides of the bead.
Sunflower: 4
5. Time to stitch on the beads.
Use brick stitch to attach the 11/0 seed beads,
sewing on one next to the other.
Sunflower: 5
6. I was able to fit 7 on each side.
Sunflower: 6
7. Here is a picture with 14 11/0 seed beads
added around the center bead.
If you need to add more or less, you can. You can even try this using larger or smaller center beads. I suggest that you make sure to end up with a even number of beads.
Sunflower: 7
8. Stitch on the next row using 8/0 seed beads using brick stitch.
Sunflower: 8
9. Now, time for the petals!
I used 10 11/0 seed beads for each petal.
Come up out of one bead, string 10 seed beads and weave down through the next. Come up through the next bead, string 10 seed beads and weave down through the next....etc...etc... until you have 7 petals or have done it around the entire bead.
Sunflower: 9
10. Next we will do an alternate layer of petals. Using the same technique stated in number 9 above, string petals in alternating bead pairs. You do not want the beads to be on top of each other, but staggered.
Sunflower: 10
11. The last step is to attach the ear wire to the top of the flower. Attach it wherever you think will make the earring hang best.
Finished!Sunflower: 11
Hope that you all enjoy making lots of flower earrings!
As with all of my tutorials, feel free to email me or comment with any questions that you have.

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Chris said...

These are gorgeous!

Marjorie said...

Thanks Chris!

Threelittlesisters said...

those are so cute. I love them

Six Directions Traders said...

Beautiful, Thank you for teaching!