Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Cake

My youngest, Sienna, turned 5 yesterday!
For her birthday cake, we made this double rainbow.
It's really easy. You just need to split up the frosting and mix up the colors and bake your cake in a bunt cake pan.
You bake the cake and cut it in half...

Then, frost it like a rainbow and
add cotton candy to the bottoms for clouds!

Here is the banner I made for her cake,
the back said Sienna 2011.

Here is the 5 candle holder I made,
I plan on selling these in my shop soon...
along with some similar initial ones for wedding cakes.

We used a funfetti cake mix, so it was colorful inside too!

Because it ends up being a double rainbow, it reminded me of that YouTube video where the guy is so excited to see the double rainbow!
"full on double rainbow all the way";)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This and That

A couple things I have made this week:

This is a rainbow necklace I made as a gift for Sienna's 5th birthday. We are doing a rainbow theme for her birthday, so I will have more pictures to share later of her rainbow cake and cupcakes we are going to make. I am also planning to post the pattern for this necklace later. I'm calling it "Raindrops on Rainbows".
That is Charles' school backpack transformed into a Monster-Pack. We saw something similar on Etsy a while ago. We just sewed on felt pieces to make the monster face. I love the zipper pocket unibrow and the large pocket mouth. Charles feeds his monster pens;) It was a great way to get him excited about his "old" backpack again, since it is still in really great condition. Cost for project= "free" (because I had all the supplies)...and no need to spend money on a new backpack for school this year!

Oh...and my polymer clay pug tutorial was/is featured on the front page of a great website called instructables! If you look soon, you might still catch it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garden Update: A Cucumber!

My garden is still thriving, even with the lack of watering;)
I need to figure out how to tame my pumpkin, squash, and cucumber plants... they have taken over! I have to dig through vines to find my strawberry, lettuce, and tomato plants. I do see tiny tomatoes starting to grow!!! I don't think we will get very many this year, but I'm excited for them. We have lucked out with lots of kale and little caesar lettuce, and we got our first cucumber yesterday! It was so tasty, but we had to split the little guy four ways! I hope we get lots more before the weather starts to cool.
Hoping for lots of tomatoes and cucumbers to report in my next garden update!
(You can find my last update here.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Family Ornaments

Here are a couple family ornaments I recently finished:

You can find my custom family ornaments

Hope everyone is having a wonderful end to their summer. Kids start back to school next week. My youngest turns 5 and starts kindergarten...not sure if I'm ready or not. Kind of sad, but she's excited and that makes this transition a little easier!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Custom Couple Wedding Cake Topper

Here is another custom couple wedding cake topper:
Didn't it turn out cute?
If you would like your own, you can order one here in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clay Recipes

I found a few clay recipes on Pinterest that I thought I would share.

I also found this recipe for Marshmallow Fondant:

I haven't tried any of these recipes yet, so I can't give any reviews.
If and when I do...I will share my results!
Have fun!