Saturday, August 20, 2011

This and That

A couple things I have made this week:

This is a rainbow necklace I made as a gift for Sienna's 5th birthday. We are doing a rainbow theme for her birthday, so I will have more pictures to share later of her rainbow cake and cupcakes we are going to make. I am also planning to post the pattern for this necklace later. I'm calling it "Raindrops on Rainbows".
That is Charles' school backpack transformed into a Monster-Pack. We saw something similar on Etsy a while ago. We just sewed on felt pieces to make the monster face. I love the zipper pocket unibrow and the large pocket mouth. Charles feeds his monster pens;) It was a great way to get him excited about his "old" backpack again, since it is still in really great condition. Cost for project= "free" (because I had all the supplies)...and no need to spend money on a new backpack for school this year!

Oh...and my polymer clay pug tutorial was/is featured on the front page of a great website called instructables! If you look soon, you might still catch it!

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