Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rainbow Birthday Cake

My youngest, Sienna, turned 5 yesterday!
For her birthday cake, we made this double rainbow.
It's really easy. You just need to split up the frosting and mix up the colors and bake your cake in a bunt cake pan.
You bake the cake and cut it in half...

Then, frost it like a rainbow and
add cotton candy to the bottoms for clouds!

Here is the banner I made for her cake,
the back said Sienna 2011.

Here is the 5 candle holder I made,
I plan on selling these in my shop soon...
along with some similar initial ones for wedding cakes.

We used a funfetti cake mix, so it was colorful inside too!

Because it ends up being a double rainbow, it reminded me of that YouTube video where the guy is so excited to see the double rainbow!
"full on double rainbow all the way";)

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chris said...

The fluffy clouds are my favorite part! Happy Birthday, Sienna!