Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not a Bead Star:(

I am not a Bead Star.
Here are the two pieces that I entered:

Lemon Drop Seed Beaded Tassel Earrings
(entered in the seed bead category)

desert flower necklace
(entered in the plastics category)

Neither of them made it:( After voting, I just think that I was not quite in tune with what they were looking for. To tell the truth, I have never even read Stringing magazine...oops! That probably would have been of some help! Oh well, I plan on entering again next year. It was really easy to enter, and I really like the designs that I came up with.
P.S. I plan on posting tutorials for making both the earrings and the necklace sometime soon.


Rebecca said...

I REALLY like them:)

threemoonbabies said...


Dlsarmywife said...

I think your pieces look really good! I love the earrings especially! (I have a fondness for dangly earrings =D )

threemoonbabies said...

Thank you so much:)