Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homemade Dog Treats

My house smells garlicky!
I have not been able to find a good selection of "healthy" dog treats (without sugar) at Walmart, so I decided to make my own.
I found a couple of good recipes here.
This is the Canine "Party" Snacks:
My pup loved them!
Plus, they were really easy to make...inexpensive too:)


Little Dickens Designs said...

I should add making dog treats to my list of summer things to do! My dog would be so happy!

threemoonbabies said...

They were so easy to make!

Jess said...

ooo thanks for teh recipe link!
I will have to get some crackers next time I get grocerys!


threemoonbabies said...

You're Welcome!