Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yummy Cupcakes:)

I found a website called the Skinny Chef a while back. It has some great recipes, especially if you are looking for healthy, but still yummy! While checking the website looking for Thanksgiving recipes (both Grandma's stuffing and the whipped sweet potatoes were Mmmmm!), I found a blog post about Fat Free, Calorie Free Cupcakes. I had to check it out, right? The post was about a wonderful polymer clay artist named Christel Jensen. She makes the most amazing miniatures. I have been following her blog ever since...and you really should check it out! I just love her tiny cupcakes. They have inspired me to do a little cupcake themed giveaway...Check back tomorrow!
P.s. How cute is this cupcake candle by candleconfections?

See you tomorrow!

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