Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Finds...

I've decided to share some fun things that I have found online recently.
  • First, I wanted to share this wonderful blog that is full of great crafts to do with your kids. It is called the Craft Crow and would be a great resource for teachers too.
  • Here are some really cute, free printable gift tags from Inside a Black Apple. You can take maya*made's tips and print them on brown paper bags...for some "green wrapping and brown tagging". You also must check out her snowflake cutting tutorial.
  • Grosgrain shared a wonderful doll making tutorial from Martha Stewart.
  • I finally signed up for Project Wonderful and have free ad space on my blog! For some reason, I was really intimidated by it, but it turned out to be really easy to set up...
  • Creature Comforts has some free printable cards. They also have lots of other free printable items on their gift tags.
  • Xerox is giving us the opportunity to send free thank you post cards in support of our troops.
  • Tina T. has a great polymer clay tutorial on dried flowers.
  • A Foothill Home Companion shares how to make origami stars.
  • I have used this recipe many times, and found it a while back. It is a recipe for microwave caramel corn. It is really easy and would make a wonderful gift!

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