Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift ideas...

I just discovered this great craft website today called CraftBits. And as I am always on the lookout for great gift ideas that I can make myself....I had to share this with you:
They also have a bunch of ideas for "gifts in a mug". I love that idea because after everything that is inside the mug has been used up, the recipient still has the mug to use and cherish! My daughter received the cutest mug with a packet of hot chocolate and a chocolate dipped spoon with marshmallows on it last year from her teacher. She loved it, and still has and uses the cute Christmas mug.

(this hot chocolate and cookie bead set is in my Etsy shop)


Miki said...

These are great gift ideas! For teacher appreciation day, my son & I made up homemade caramel corn and packaged it up for the teachers. It was a hit!

threemoonbabies said...

Great idea! I have a recipe that I got at:
for microvave carmel is really easy and yummy!