Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rock Star Party Invitations

I've been looking for Rock Star party ideas...
And I noticed that a lot of people did fake concert ticket invites.
I thought it was such a fun idea...
that I re-did the invites!
Here is what I came up with
(V.I.P. access of course!):

I also found this cute idea for microphone cupcakes!
Hope that I can talk Charles into doing this for his party!

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cbnc said...

Love it! Found your post when searching the web for ideas. My son is also turning 7 and wants a rocker party. Can I ask how you created the invitations? They're great! Here's some other ideas compiled from all over:

boxes painted black and decorated to look like speakers.

Ticket invitations, all in seat #7 or
Cds with personalized cd cover
big chalk stars on the driveway; each one had a guest's name in it.
For a stage we bought cinderblocks and plywood

pin the sunglasses on the rock star I printed and cut out the sunglasses on the computer

guitar: one 9x13 cake cut down to the shape of the base another for the neck. The knobs were upside down peanut butter cups the toggle switch a mike-n-ike the tuners gumdrops the strings dental floss (licorice strings just wouldn't sit right)

Then they listed date, time, etc. At the bottom--Reserve your backstage Pass by calling xxx's Agent.

Pass the Microphone
Rock Rock Star (duck duck goose) and Freeze dance.

Child's name will rock the house at his 7th birthday party

guitar cake pan and then made a square cake and decorated it to look like the amp. The cord was long black licorise, and the knobs were made out of miniture reese cups

make your own guitars. I had already cut out guitar shapes on poster board and the kids used markers, glitter, and stickers to decorate.

new silly version of hot potato. Instead of passing a potato you pass a garbage bag filed with silly, outdated clothes and wigs that the kids would never normally wear. When the music stops the child puts on an item from the garbage bag. Once the bag is empty, the winner is the one with the least amount of silly clothes on from the bag.

name that song (play a small part of a popular song that your child will know and have them guess), freeze dance, and have each child write and perform their own funny lyric songs.

Marjorie said...

I created the invite using photoshop while looking at a real concert ticket. I also made this simplified version:

Thanks for all of the great ideas! I will definitely be referring to them! Good luck with your party!