Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

2010 was probably the worst year ever for me...
Here's hoping for 2011 to be the best
(or at least better, which won't be hard)!

I already know one fun thing that will happen this year.
My baby boy, Charles, is turning 7,
and it's his turn for a party!
I decided that having a big birthday party
for all three kids every year is too much
(at least right now).
So, the kids and I agreed that each year they will take turns
on who gets the big party.
Last year, Ramona had her big 8th birthday tea party...
This year, it is Charles' turn!
He has been thinking of themes for a while
and finally decided on a Rockstar party!
Here is the invitation that we started working on today:
We will cut them out
and attach the guitar pick with some string or twine.
The party isn't until March,
but we couldn't wait to get started on the invitations!
I will post more about the party when it gets closer:)
If anyone has any fun Rockstar party game ideas,
feel free to share!

Here's hoping for a wonderful 2011 for everyone!
Hey...I just noticed that Charles is turning 7 in 2011...
Which makes for a lucky combo of numbers: 7 and 11!
Super Awesome!

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