Sunday, June 14, 2009

What to do with...

If I am not completely happy with something or make extras...
What happens to these "leftover" polymer creations???
Most of the time...they go to my three kids.

Here are some of their latest scores:)

My 2 yr old modeling her new polymer clay bow center (a result of me not being happy with a smudge that was on the white clay).

My 7 year old modeling some tweet earrings (these were not actually a mess-up, she just wanted some new earrings).

The girls modeling their new watermelon stretch bracelets (a result of extras that I had after practicing making a watermelon cane).


kim* said...

too fun for your kids

Arelel Designs said...

Your kids are really lucky and probably don't even realize it. I made my kids messenger bags for school this year and they loved them, but I don't think they really think about how nice it is to have a mom who can make them nice things, it is just how it is.....and that is fine!! I love the watermelon bracelets. :o)