Monday, January 26, 2015

My New Etsy Shop

Hi Everyone!

I have some exciting news... I opened a new Etsy shop, Emeline Purcell!

It is probably apparent by some of my previous posts that I enjoy making jewelry...and creating with clay.  Finally, I have found a way to combine these two loves!  In this new shop, I plan to offer unique, handmade jewelry and accessories.  I use a combination of techniques and PMC (precious metal clay) to create unique earrings, pendants, and all types of jewelry and accessories.  I have already added some pieces to the shop, but have lots more to stay tuned!

Unfortunately, I don't plan to add anything to my other etsy shop, ThreeMoonBabies, anytime soon (sorry!).

You can read more about my new shop HERE.

A preview of the awesome new pieces I've already added:

fine silver diamond pendant by Emeline Purcell   fine silver wing pendant by Emeline Purcell   fine silver feather pendant by Emeline Purcell
fine silver heart earrings by Emeline Purcell   fine silver moon pendant by Emeline Purcell   fine silver rose earrings by Emeline Purcell

OOOhhh...and check out all of the ♥ heart items  that would make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day!!!

If you get a chance, please stop by and check out my new shop!!!  I would appreciate it greatly!!!!  Thanks!!!!

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