Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gift Idea: Favorite Book

The kids and I decided to give their cousin a copy of one of their favorite books for her 1st birthday. To make it a more complete and fun gift, I made a matching felt stuffed toy and bag to carry it around in. The kids loved the finished product and actually wanted to keep the little pigeon!

P.S. The Pigeon themed books by Mo Willems are great for beginner readers. My 5 year old, Sienna, loves them! They are very silly! Oh...and we found these "We Both Read" brand books at the library, and I highly recommend them for beginner readers too! The books have a page for the parent to read and child to read, so you really can enjoy reading together. Your child gets to have some of the story read to them, but the books integrate simpler text to get your little readers involved! Very fun!

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