Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easiest Advent Calendar...EVER!

I have been wanting to make the kids an advent calendar to help them count down the days until Christmas. I don't know about you, but I am asked every day how many days there are until Christmas...sometimes a few times a day;) I wanted to make one with activity ideas for each day, instead of presents. So, I went into the garage to look at all of my art and craft supplies, and days like today make me glad that I'm an art and craft supply hoarder! Sometimes I think, "I should get rid of some of this stuff", but it's really difficult because I know I will be able to use it all somehow! It's really the only thing I collect. I'm not really too attached to anything else. Anyway...I found some wooden clothes pins and magnetic strips...I knew they would be PERFECT! And...Voila! I made the easiest Advent Calendar EVER:)

Really, all you have to do is write, paint, or stamp numbers on the clothes pins and stick or glue the magnets to the back. You could even pin them on a ribbon or twine if you don't have magnets:
I had to cut my magnet strips in half:
Stick them on:
I used rubber number stamps to stamp on the numbers:
For the messages, I folded a piece of paper to get the right sized strips and cut on the lines:
Write messages or activities-
fold and pin:
Here is the finished set on my refrigerator, ready to count down to Christmas with some holiday fun!:
Here are some activity ideas for your advent calendar:
Make hot chocolate
Drive around to look at Christmas lights
Go ice skating
Make Christmas cookies
Read a Christmas story
Watch a Christmas movie
Eat a candy cake
Go see Santa
Listen to Christmas music
Make an ornament
Pick out Christmas PJs

Do you use an Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas?

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