Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Christmas Gift Idea for Teacher

I get so many great ideas from Pinterest.
We are on a tight budget for Christmas gifts, but MUST do something special for the kids' WONDERFUL teachers! So, the kids and I have come up with this idea. We are going to get plain white coffee mugs and plates
and personalize them with a porcelain pen, much like these:

image from:

Then, we are going to make a variety of truffles, like these:

image from:

If you search Pinterest for truffle recipes, you will find all sorts of different flavors, like oreo, sugar cookie, tiramisu, etc, etc....
We might put a hot chocolate mix or gift card to Starbucks in the mug too...

What do you do for Christmas Teacher's gifts?


chris said...

The mugs are a darling idea. I've been thinking about making angel Christmas ornaments, and thanking their teachers for being angels to my kids.

Marjorie said...

That's a really cute idea, Chris!