Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pin the Sunglasses on the Rockstar

We saw a game idea of "Pin the Sunglasses on the Rockstar" and thought it would be fun to play at Charles' birthday party.
Unfortunately, the only posters at Walmart were of Justin Bieber or the guy from Twilight (Ramona and Sienna would have been okay with those, but not Charles!)...
So we were forced to make our own rockstar poster.

I found a graphic of a rockstar online and stuck Charles' face on it!

I enlarged it, cut it out, and glued it to a piece of white poster board.
I will use the sunglasses shape (shown below) to cut out a bunch of glasses out of black construction paper or card stock.

Silly Sienna trying on the sunglasses;)
This game was really easy to make, and I'm sure a similar one can be made for almost any party theme.

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