Monday, March 21, 2011

A Rockstar Birthday Party

Here are some photos
from Charles' Rockstar Birthday Party:

We used the ticket invitations.
I had them printed at Costco on 4x6 sized photo paper and cut them out.

I set up a table with bandanas, sunglasses, and t-shirts (to decorate).

I also cut out cardboard guitars for them to color.

We also had lots of tattoos to apply!
The goodie bags...

Microphone cupcakes
With these, I baked the cupcakes in the cones
(unlike these ones).
They weren't as cute as the others, but were close enough!

There was a lot of junk food!

Some fun games...

A very happy birthday-boy!

A crazy big sister...
who provided much entertainment!

The birthday-boy enjoying one of his gifts.

Overall, I think everyone had fun...
and Charles had a blast
(which is what's most important)!

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