Friday, April 30, 2010

Tile Trivets and Coasters: Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the tile trivets and coasters.
You don't have to paint your own tiles if you don't want to.
You can use this tutorial to turn any of your favorite tiles into coasters or trivets!
Here are the tile images that I drew for the tiles pictured.
Feel free to use them for your own creations.
If you are going to paint on your own design,
you will need:
blank tiles
acrylic paints for glass and ceramics...
(if you have a kiln, you can use ceramic glazes too)
cork board
(I found cork tiles at Walmart)
wood glue
box cutter/razor blade knife
how to transfer your image to the tile:
color on the back of the image with your pencil
making sure to cover the whole image that is to be traced

center and tape image to tile
with the pencil colored area facing the tile
image to be traced should be face up

take a pen and trace your image

when you take the paper off...
you should see your image on the tile!

paint the image in.
bake (or fire) your tile according to the directions on the paint
(p.s. I also think that contact paper stencils would be a great way to add designs to your tiles)

now to cut the cork.
for the smaller tiles (4.25 in.), I cut 3.5x3.5 inch pieces of cork
for the larger tiles (6 in.), I cut a 5.25x5.25 in. piece of cork
mark with a pen/sharpie

on a safe cutting surface, cut with your knife

I used wood glue to attach the cork to the tiles

apply glue

center the cork on the bottom of the tile
let dry....

Now, you have a nice little piece of art to place your warm cup of coffee on:)
These would also be great in bathrooms...put soap on them, etc...!

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Chris said...

Love this idea. I've got it bookmarked for the future. Thanks again for sharing!