Sunday, March 8, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Sale!!! 20% off!!!

I just marked all of our size 11/0 round Toho seed beads 20% off!!!
Sale lasts until March 17...Please stop by and take a look!

TOHO 11/0 Japanese Seed Beads Pink Lined Light Amethyst


Jamie said...

Hey sweetie! I have your box of clay goodies all ready to go!! Sorry it took so long. The boys and my husband all had the flu last month (all on different weeks of course! LOL!!) so I didn't get a chance to go through my stuff until this weekend. There are about 45 packs of new clay (Fimo and Premo I think), four different molds of faces and hands and kids and victorian stuff(I know you don't use molds, but maybe you know a clay artist who would like them), shape cutters, an acrylic roller, some gloss, a bunch of polyclay books and some of my creations (a halloween necklace and some beads). I think that's about it. I KNOW I have a pasta roller somewhere, but I looked high and low and can not find it. I don't think it would fit in the box anyway! LOL!! So shoot me your address and I will ship it today!!! Yeah!!!! Love, Jamie

threemoonbabies said...

Wow! Thanks so much Jamie!!! I just sent you my address.