Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A new toy...

My husband said I acted like I got a new toy when these arrived in the mail for me yesterday:

I was so excited to paint them!
I let my kids each design one.
My 6 year old daughter wanted hers to have a pink dress with flowers and blond hair.
My son wanted a mad scientist.
My 2 year old daughter wanted a dress and pigtails...and a puppy.

I got to design the two largest dolls. I painted them to resemble my husband and I!

I want more!


kim* said...

cute i need to make some now lol!

A Beaded Affair said...

I'm a day behind reading posts but I'm glad I am since I got to see the earrings and the dolls. So cute. I can't paint to save my soul. Those are really adorable.
I think I will give the earrings a try for my first bead project. Thanks. Lois