Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Costume Idea #2, 2013: A Zombie Brain Surgeon

Okay, here is costume idea #2.  My son has decided to dress up as a zombie brain surgeon.  This is also a very easy costume idea.  You only need a doctor's costume and face paint.  We looked for scrubs at the thrift store, but finally decided to buy a complete doctors costume (with the lab coat, stethoscope, hat, and face mask).  I did see a zombie doctor's costume with a mask, but my son hates wearing masks because they are uncomfortable.  We will just paint his face and add some fake blood here and there.  We have been looking for and will probably make a brain for him to carry around too.  You can pretty much zombify any costume with the right makeup!

Here are some inspiration pics:

living with ThreeMoonBabies | costume idea: A Zombie Brain Surgeon

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