Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dia de los Muertos, Sugar Skull, Dead Bride Costume Idea

My oldest daughter (who is 10) is dressing up as a Dia de Los Muertos Bride for Halloween.
I thought I'd share how we are going to put the costume together-
because it's a really easy idea, and I think the result will be great!
It's kind of a...pretty/scary costume!

Really, the only things I have made were the head piece and bouquet.  I will also be painting her face.  Everything else we already had. 
dia de los muertos costumedia de los muertos costume close up
The dress came from my Grandma (the shawl too).  It's a mexican wedding dress with really pretty embroidery, but I think any black dress would work.
flowers sewn onto elastic
For the head piece, we bought flowers at the dollar store and sewed them to a piece of elastic.
We also bought a bouquet of red roses at the dollar store for her to carry.

For her makeup,
I will be using these sugar skull makeup examples as inspiration:

sugar skull makeup inspiration

Source: via Marjorie on Pinterest

So, pretty much, just take a black dress...paint on a pretty skull face...add some colorful flowers...and VOILA....
You have a super cool, dead bride costume!
I can't wait to share the picture of how it actually turns out!
(you can see pictures of the finished costume here)

P.S.  this snazaroo face paint is the BEST I have found.  It has great coverage and isn't sticky and easily smeared, like some of the stuff you find at Walmart, etc...

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