Monday, August 9, 2010

Sock Monkey Tutorial: Part 2

Now that you have your pieces cut (see part 1),
it's time to sew!
First turn the body/legs sock inside out and pin.
You will start sewing at the bottom of the foot, rounding it,
and sew up to the "crotch" area and stop.
You will do this on both sides,
sewing up both legs.
You will want a hole in the crotch area
that is big enough to turn it right side out and stuff.

Hole left open to turn it right side out and stuff.

What the rounded bottom of the foot will look like sewn.
Also, you want to cut around the edge of the foot seem
to make it less bulky when you turn it right side out.

Your legs and feet should look like this when turned right side out.

Now, to sew the arms.

Fold each arm piece in half and pin.
You will want to start sewing at the bottom
and make it rounded, like the legs.
Continue to sew up along the open edge.
Leave the top open.

Above is a picture of what the arm will look like sewn,
and turned right side out.

Tail folded inside out and pinned.
Sew along the opened edge,
leaving the top open
to turn right side out and stuff later.

What you should have so far.

Last, but not least, the ears!
Pin inside out and sew around the curved edge.

Turn right side out
and sew around the curved edge again.

Finished ear should look like this.

In part 3,
we will put our little monkey together and finish!

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