Friday, March 26, 2010


We had some strong winds the other night...
and this is what ended up in our yard!
There is a large empty lot across from us that grows large weeds all summer...
and this is what happens when it gets windy.
They all end up in our yard.
I cleaned them all up *by myself* today...ugh!

All that hard work...
deserves pizza!
I make it in my bread machine, and use half white and half whole wheat flour.
It is so yummy...and easy!
Tonight, I made the pizza with half turkey pepperoni for the kids and half bbq chicken (with some turkey bacon too) for me.
Yeah...for Fridays...and pizza nights:)


Sugar Pine Boutique said...

Yum!! That pizza looks good!

Wow, that was alot of tumbleweeds! Hope you didn't get any more....I'm still searching for one of my patio swing cushions..... ; )

Marjorie said...

Thanks! The pizza was yummy! Good luck with finding your swing cushion:)