Sunday, February 21, 2010


All last week,
I was consumed with getting everything ready for
Ramona's "tea party" themed birthday party!
And...all of our hard work paid off!
It was so much fun!
We never did find a tea pot,
but we used a coffee carafe instead.
It worked out great, because it held a lot of juice,
and seemed to be easy for the girls to pour themselves.
We went through a lot of juice!
Here is a picture of my two girls
standing next to the table that we set:
Oh, and I made these
cute little felt tea bags to go in the cups.
They were so easy to make...
that I thought I would share how!

You will need:
White felt (for the tea bags)
any color felt (for the tabs)
any color ribbon (for the string)

I didn't take any exact measurements...sorry!
The size is really your preference.
You can even use a real tea bag to help figure out the size.
You will want to cut both the white and colored felt
two times as long as you want the finished product to be,
because you will be folding them in half.
Once you have cut the felt,
fold the white felt in half and cut off the corners.
I used pinking sheers to cut my felt,
just to make them more interesting.
Pin the pieces together like this:

Sew along the edges in the direction shown below.
I used a machine, but you don't have to.
All edges will be sewn, except for the bottom.
**Also, you can stuff them with a little batting...
or even some potpourri to add some dimension.
I left them empty, just to make them easier and faster to make.

Now, sew on the tab to the end of the ribbon.
You will fold the felt in half and sandwich the ribbon in the middle.
You can secure in any way that you wish.
You could just sew straight across the bottom edge.
I sewed along all of the edges to make a square.
You can also add a little green felt leaf to it... or any other designs.
These are totally customizable!

Felt tea bags for your favorite little ones to play with!
It's that easy!

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