Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Restocked and Updated: Toho seed beads...


I have been busy updating my eBay store. I have already restocked and updated the Toho One G thread, Toho 11/0 triangles, Toho 15/0 and Toho Treasures. If you are looking for seed beads...please stop by and take a look! I still have Toho size 6/0, Toho 8/0 and lots and lots of Toho 11/0 seed beads to update. I will let you know when I have finished.

Toho means "eastern treasure"

Toho seed beads are made in Japan.

**the main difference between seed beads made in the czech republic and japan is that the beads from japan have larger holes and tend to be more uniform in size**

Here is the Toho website to read more about these wonderful beads...and to see some color charts.

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