Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some new goals for my Etsy shop/ polymer clay artwork...

I am posting these as goals, not resolutions. They are things that I would like to accomplish this year. Other than learning how to knit, as I posted in my last post, I would like to finish a 5"x7" polymer clay piece of art once a month. Something similar to this one that I did:
I might then use scanned images of the artwork to make ACEOs or note cards? I'm not sure yet? I also would love to take all 12 months worth and turn them into a calender. I have been working on this months piece already, and will post a picture of the finished artwork soon.
Another thing that I am thinking to do with my Etsy shop is to turn many of my beads into finished jewelry. Maybe then they would appeal to a broader market?
Well, now that I have written these goals down...hopefully they will remain fresh in my mind, and I will keep focused on them...

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